Our Vision and Mission is making the world a bit healthier by using our effective breath based technology for prevention and diagnostic at truly affordable cost

Early diagnosis is almost always the key to successful health outcomes. At Vitascale we believe our accessible technology can help enable early stage interventions for ever-increasing numbers of people.

The ideal team

Our team comprises the perfect mix of respected scientists, technologists, engineers, software specialists and experienced entrepreneurs.

Meet the team

Founder Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jerichow (CEO)
R&D, Sales, Marketing and Strategy

Our visionary CEO, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jerichow, a dynamic leader with over 7 years in automotive technical management and a decade as a corporate consultant in engineering excellence across diverse sectors. Former competitive triathlete, Dr. Jerichow holds a Materials Technology doctorate from an R&D Center in the US and RWTH Aachen. In previous years, Dr. Jerichow has been an enthusiastic competitive athlete with a focus on triathlon.

Dipl.Ing. Informatics Jürgen Sauerzapf (CTO)
Software / App Development

Jürgen Sauerzapf, our CTO, a driving force in Software/App Development. With a dynamic background as a technical manager in the health industry for 15 years, Jürgen is an expert in health kit and mobile health development. His wealth of international experience in hardware and software development for electronics systems adds a unique layer to his proficiency.

Dipl.Kaufm. Peter Hirsch
Commercial Management

“Our financial maestro”, Peter Hirsch, our CFO, bringing the magic touch to Commercial Management. A proud business studies graduate, Peter has gathered rich experiences over 13 years as a commercial manager at Grundig and Tutogen Medical. With an additional decade as a corporate consultant, Peter has honed his expertise with a specific focus on elevating commercial management for both groups and medium-sized enterprises.

Bruna Rocha
Chief Marketing Officer

Bruna Rocha, our dynamic Chief Marketing Officer with extensive experience in International Business and a strong focus on Technology. Leading the marketing team at Vitascale, she drives innovative strategies to make the world healthier. Formerly a successful business founder in Shanghai and a key player at Microsoft in Latin America and Rappi, Bruna is passionate about technology, business, and global health.

Vitascale’s leading scientific experts

Prof. Michael Pfeiffer
University of Regensburg
  • Professor of Medicine at the University of Regensburg
  • Head of the Donaustauf Clinic: Center for Pneumology
Prof. Billy Sperlich
University of Wurzburg Department of Sports Medicine
  • Expert in performance diagnostics, training and wearable technology
Prof. Dr. Med. T. Loew
University of Regensburg
  • Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine at the University of Regensburg
  • Management of the Donaustauf Clinic: Center for Pneumology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy and
  • Chairman of the Association of German Chief Physicians for Psychosomatic Medicine
Dr. med. Kai Ruffmann
Vincenti Medical Center
  • Head of Cardiology Baden-Baden
  • Former Head of Schwarzwald Medical Resort
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alois Christian Knoll
Technical University of Munich
  • Head of TUM School of Robotics, AI and Real Time Systems
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Digital Officer Siemens Mobility ITS
  • Director, Software Development Human Brain Project

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