Take driver and passenger safety to the next level with realtime in-cabin health monitoring.

By constantly maintaining a heads-up on alcoholization, diabetes, stress, tiredness, cabin air quality and more, Vitascale helps make the road a safer place.

The advanced safety solution that’s as essential as ABS or traction control.

In-cabin monitoring of driver and passenger health – and the quality of the air they’re breathing – is clearly a next major step on the road to zero accidents.

Vitascale can help you incorporate this life-saving technology in vehicle design, and provide the software to maximise its performance in monitoring:

  • Alcohol detection
  • Diabetes
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • In-cabin air quality

Vitascale benefits are hard to ignore…

Realtime, precise and non-invasive breath monitoring

An in-cabin ‘guardian angel’ that’s invisible but always there for drivers and their passengers.

Affordable and simple to adopt

Vitascale’s high tech solution is cost effective and easily manufactured.

Straightforward integration in new models and existing vehicles

A flexible solution that’s designed for easy alignment with new and existing vehicle specifications.

Easily interfaced to 3rd party hardware and apps such as Garmin and Polar

Trust Vitascale to seamlessly work with your preferred digital systems.

Offers customers a desirable new safety feature

Clearly a next generation ‘must-have’ for all drivers, whether they’re in a super mini, SUV or commercial vehicle.

Modern vehicle design is safety-centric. Vitascale makes the human factor safer too.

From seatbelts to collapsable steering columns, crumple zones to airbags, vehicle designers and engineers have achieved notable safety milestones over the years.

Now Vitascale adds a further layer of safety, by giving realtime constant insights into the health status of drivers and passengers.

Early warning of potential safety-critical issues obviously has the potential to save many lives and injuries – for vehicle occupants, other road users and pedestrians.

We’re committed to opening this technology for all – effectively, dependably and affordably.

  • Enhanced safety for drivers and passengers
  • Early warning of temporary issues such as tiredness and more significant health problems
  • An ideal in-cabin fail-safe for professional drivers of vans, trucks, taxis and buses
  • Potential to reduce insurance premiums

High tech, low cost

Vitascale state-of-the-art technology means many health parameters can be measured by one affordable device. Realtime access to metabolic rate allows users to plan the most direct and efficient route to weight loss, performance building, desired body shape, improved health & wellbeing and more.

Vitascale - devices and app

Handheld and wearable devices, designed and developed to be simple to use, in conjunction with our bespoke software.

Exclusive sensor technology

Vitascale’s technologists have perfected breath analysis sensors engineered for reliable high precision, without the customary high price tag.

Award-winning and patented

The high tech solution which has won recognition across the world, including the International Trade Council’s Go Global Award and Global Health & Pharma’s Best Fitness Tech Solutions Provider.

Scientifically proven

Vitascale have advanced a proven technology that’s been relied on in sports and medical sectors for many years – we’ve made it much more affordable, so precise diagnosis and issue prevention are accessible to all.

The ideal team

Our team comprises the perfect mix of respected scientists, technologists, engineers, software specialists and experienced entrepreneurs.

A world of potential

With the advent of Vitascale’s high tech solutions, markets across the world now have access to a previously expensive and typically site-based health technology.

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