The effective next level high tech solution for precise, non-invasive, affordable diagnosis and prevention.

Access future realtime data on your patients’ physical performance, metabolic rate, lung function, stress levels, diabetes indicators (coming soon), nutrition, food intolerances and more.

Vitascale breath-based analysis opens a host of new clinical opportunities, cost effectively.

Our handheld and wearable devices non-invasively will in future access a range of patient metabolic and health data in realtime. The data will be available immediately, with no need for taking bloods, sending samples for analysis, scans or other time and cost consuming actions. Patients are less stressed, diagnoses are faster, prevention interventions can be made sooner. And all for less cost than many existing diagnostic processes.

Portable and wearable
Vitascale devices can be used in any setting, to assist in on-the-spot diagnoses and faster, more effective interventions in the clinic, office or patient’s home.
Patient-friendly operation
No need for needles or other invasive procedures - an ideal option for frail or anxious patients and the very young.
Affordable subscription options
Vitascale devices are available via affordable monthly or annual subscriptions, helping precious healthcare budgets to go further.

Easier, faster, better – the highly efficient way to support your patients.

Vitascale’s realtime high tech incl. digital health interfaces will in future enable individual patient health and metabolism analysis in critical areas such as:

  • Lung function
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Metabolism
  • Performance level
  • Diabetes

Vitascale benefits are hard to ignore...

Realtime, precise and non-invasive
Affordable and easy to use
Digital healthcare for home and clinic use
Seamless integration with existing practice and clinic systems

High tech, low cost

Vitascale state-of-the-art breath analysis means advanced technology is now a viable option across many different scenarios.

Vitascale - devices and app

Handheld and wearable devices, designed and developed to be simple to use, in conjunction with our bespoke software.

Exclusive sensor technology

Vitascale’s technologists have perfected breath analysis sensors engineered for reliable high precision, without the customary high price tag.

Award-winning and patented

The high tech solution which has won recognition across the world, including the International Trade Council’s Go Global Award and Global Health & Pharma’s Best Fitness Tech Solutions Provider.

Scientifically proven

Vitascale have advanced a proven technology that’s been relied on in sports and medical sectors for many years – we’ve made it much more affordable, so precise diagnosis and issue prevention are accessible to all.

The ideal team

Our team comprises the perfect mix of respected scientists, technologists, engineers, software specialists and experienced entrepreneurs.

A world of potential

With the advent of Vitascale’s high tech solutions, markets across the world now have access to a previously expensive and typically site-based health technology.

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